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Debris around the house, Lawn not well kept, Cracks in a drive way are the ants exterminators first clue to ant problem. Ant mounds can damage lawns and landscaping and contaminate food, food preparation areas, and invade pet food bowls when they make their way into your home or business. They may be small, but they make up for their size in numbers; if you spot one ant, be certain there are many, many ants; long trails of ants busily moving back and forth around the food site and the surrounding areas.

Ants are an all too common nuisance in homes and businesses in the Seattle area, and while many buildings become infested with the pests, many consumers don’t know much about ant control. As a result, when they discover that their home or business is being invaded by ants, they’re not sure whether to hire ants extermination experts and have a number of questions regarding what to do.

How Do I Get Rid of An Ants Infestation from A House, Home or Business?

Ants have an undying urge to establish a colony and keep it maintained. Most often, ants prefer to live outside, but in their searches for food, they will come into buildings looking for crumbs and edible debris.

When an ant finds food inside of a home or business, it leaves a scent trail that other ants can follow. Normally, the ants that are spotted inside a building represent only 10 percent or less of the entire population of ants.

In some cases, ants may establish a secondary colony inside of a home or business to be near a food supply, or they may even set up a colony indoors to avoid bad weather.

Are Ants Dangerous

There are many species of ants, but most found in the Seattle area are not dangerous. The most common ants, black ants, do not pose any threat at all and are merely a nuisance.

Carpenter ants can damage property by burrowing into rotten, soft wood. Fire ants can cause painful, itchy bites, but they do not usually carry diseases like some other types of pests.

How Is It Possible to Get Rid of Ants

To fully get rid of ants, it is necessary to not only kill the foraging ants that are visible in a kitchen or another part of a home or business; Seattle ant control must also include extermination of the colony.

It’s also necessary to determine how the ants got into the building to prevent reentry by a new colony in the future. Once these things are figured out, ant control products like insecticides and traps can be used to deal with the pests.

Are DIY Ant Control Products Effective

Yes and no! DIY ant control products can kill the foraging ants that a homeowner or business owner spots, but normally, these products cannot completely eliminate a colony of ants. That’s why experts typically recommend hiring an ant exterminator.

Professional ants exterminators can fully eliminate the colony and then discuss maintenance plans with the homeowner or business owner to ensure that the residence or commercial building stays ant free in the future.

Have more questions about ant control? Talk to the professional ant exterminators at Seattle Exterminators! The ant exterminator company serves the greater Seattle, Kirkland, Issaquah, Bellevue, Mercer island, Sammamish, Woodinville, Bothell, Kent, Redmond and Renton areas and is always glad to answer specific questions from homeowners and business owners with ant control problems.



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